Sunday, July 11, 2010


The outboards on Colton Harris-Moore's last stolen boat. Bahamian police made sure Colton couldn't keep running by stopping these engines for good with blasts from a shotgun and at least one other weapon. Colt was standing at the controls of this 32-foot Intrepid, just a few feet in front of these engines, but fortunately is okay. The Bahamian police were excellent shots, even at night and from a boat.  

Photo copyright 2010 Bob Friel ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


  1. You should sell that photo to the AP or UPI.

    Keep updating us with first hand information.

  2. This was so risky, I almost freaked out with the photo! Thankfully they did an admirable job, Colt is very lucky.

    I also read something about the suicide attempt, I deeply hope it's not true.

  3. Wow how bizarre he ran his boat aground in front of a bunch of people and then told them who he was? For real? Somehow I thought he was pretty much operating in the night using those $6500 IR goggles... guess he lost them. Oh well what kind of life would he have ended up leading anyway? Guess it was time for him to become assimilated with the rest of the prisoners of the banking system which we all are.