Sunday, July 11, 2010


The information I'm getting now is that Colt is NOT being held at Fox Hill Prison. Good news for Colt if that's true. There are a number of police stations around New Providence, and I hear that he's in a holding cell in either one or a succession of stations.

The Bahamas authorities have called a press conference for tomorrow morning at 11 a.m.My gut is telling me that they're going to back away from their original plan to bring Colt in front of a Bahamian judge on Tuesday and instead send him back to the U.S.

There's a lot of press here now and more coming in tomorrow, so word will get out almost instantly.

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  1. This story could have a very happy ending if Colt went to prison for a few years and then came out a new man... He'd be an asset to the CIA, FBI or even an aviation company.

    I don't think he ever wanted to harm anyone. He just wanted to taste life on the other side. Something he'd never get with his trailer trash mom giving him horrible advice throughout childhood. Mom combined with the cops "marking" him since age 12 dealt him a really crappy hand.