Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Thanks for all your patience while I’ve disappeared to work on this book. I’ll be back with regular updates on the Colton Harris-Moore story as soon as possible. 

I’m now working on a chapter that includes worldwide reaction to Colt. As I know many of you have been following this story very closely, I’d like to give you the opportunity to contribute.

Let me know how you first heard about Colton Harris-Moore, what interested you in the story and what interested you about Colt. Tell me how you feel about him (the good and the bad) and how you feel about the events that have happened along the way. Explain why you feel that way. Beyond your own reaction, how did you feel about other people's reaction to the story? What you think his punishment should be… etc. Write anything you want about your interest in the story and what it says to you about Colt, about society, about our times...  

A lot of you have said these things in the blog comments, but these answers will have to come via email. I don’t necessarily have to use your real name, but I do have to know that you’re a real person in order to use any quotes in the book. Don't feel you have to write an entire essay -- this is not a school assignment, and I will only be able to use short excerpts anyway.  

Depending on the volume, I may not be able to answer all emails right away, but I will read everything that comes in. Please send your emails to: Outlawblog@gmail.com

Thanks, and I hope everyone is having a good winter -- whether or not you're under six feet of snow.