Sunday, June 20, 2010


By all accounts, Colton Harris-Moore is on the move, emphatically heading east after a short run south from Washington into Oregon.

FBI and local law enforcement labs in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and South Dakota are testing evidence — including DNA and fingerprints — to see if it is indeed Colt who has left a trail of stolen vehicles, burgled homes and airport break-ins all the way from the Pacific Northwest islands to the Midwest plains.

The latest development is that South Dakota police have issued a BOLO (Be On the Lookout) for a young white male with a freshly shaved head driving a white, 2008 Toyota Sequoia stolen early Saturday morning and believed to be heading southeast into Iowa.

Colt has been moving fast since the middle of May when he left Orcas Island where he’d been wintering. Beginning May 13, there have been reports — some apparently confirmed by fingerprints or surveillance video that may ultimately prove it’s Colt, others are just crimes allegedly with Colt-ish M.O.s — on San Juan Island, Lopez Island, Camano Island, Whidbey Island, Kitsap County, Raymond Washington (the now famous note and C-note left at a veterinary clinic), Ilwaco, WA, Astoria, Oregon, Dayton, OR, McMinnville, OR, Boise, ID, Cody, WY, Yankton, SD and Norfolk, Nebraska.

Also in this last month, the reward for Colt has grown (listed at as $9,000), and he’s ignored a $50,000 offer to turn himself in. As recently as June 16, a team of bounty hunters was combing Camano Island — accompanied by TV news crews — looking for Colt. The bounty hunters claim they were working off a hot tip that Colt was back on the island. Police, though, believe that Colt was, at that moment, relaxing, showering and eating in a South Dakota home while the owners were on vacation.

With all the movement and with Colt far away from the islands and forests he knows so well -- and with law enforcement dialed in on his modus operandi -- the risk of capture has reached an all time high for Colt. Supporters are now preparing for the eventual end of Colt’s run by donating to a legal defense fund set up by his mother, Pam Kohler.

Conceived by Kohler as a way to ensure her son receives the best legal help possible, she says that just a few bucks from each of Colt’s many fans worldwide (there are 60,000-plus following him on Facebook alone) would go a long way to paying for what promises to be a lengthy and expensive legal process as Colt fights his way through what may ultimately end up being dozens of charges in two countries, six states (and counting), and at least six Washington State counties.

The Colton Harris-Moore Defense Fund (supporters can use Paypal and credit cards) is hosted by Skepteon Investigations, a private investigation firm that specializes in criminal defense that worked on Colt’s last court case. Shauna Snyder, lead investigator, says she strongly believes in the concept of “innocent until proven guilty,” and wants to make sure that all the media attention hasn’t caused a presumption of guilt before Colt’s had his day in court.

You gotta love Skepteon’s motto: “Reasonable doubt for a reasonable price.”


Monday, June 7, 2010


In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups, the police and the district attorneys…

On the other side of the criminal justice system are defense attorneys, and “justice” can sometimes depend on just how good a defendant’s lawyer is. And here’s a big news flash: John Henry Browne, a criminal defense attorney who many people consider the best in the entire state of Washington, says that he’s willing to represent Colton Harris-Moore.

Colt, I don’t know if you realize the significance of this, but it’s huge. Look Browne up at, and then call him on his cell at 206-595-1092. Anything you say to him or ask him about is 100% confidential.

We know you could run forever, Colt. The problem with that, though, is exactly that: You’ll be running forever, always looking over your shoulder. Now, however, you know you can end this on your terms and have your own “dream team” lawyer to give you the best defense possible.

You’ve still got choices, and this seems like an easy one.




Interesting times for Colt. Three weeks ago, he starred in a surveillance video taken at a Lopez Island marina just before a boat was stolen and navigated, at night, down to the south end of Camano Island. It appeared that Colt had come home. The welcome he received was a public meeting attended by more than 200 Island County locals, three TV production trucks, and a team of Russian commando-trained fugitive recovery specialists (or, if you prefer, bounty hunters).

The most widely played soundbite from the meeting was delivered by a guy who any fans of the movie Jeremiah Johnson will remember as Del Gue, the mountain man who shaved his head so the Indians wouldn’t have a scalp to take. Camano Del said, “Most of us want him [Colt] dead!”

What only played on one of the TV reports was the resounding groans from the rest of the audience in response. No one reported that the statement was then disavowed by the organizers and the gentleman was told he was not speaking for everyone.

Mike Rocha, bail bondsman and head of the bounty hunters, promised that he and his team would be actively searching for Colt and announced he already had tips that he was sure the police don’t have. He also offered to facilitate Colt’s surrender if he wanted to turn himself in.

As of the day of the meeting, though, circumstantial evidence had Colt off Camano and onto Whidbey Island, and then off Whidbey and down to the Kitsap Penninsula, and from there points further south. No one can say for sure that Colt is still even in Washington State. For all we know, he’s heading to Mexico the hard way: 20 miles a hop.

Another strange twist in an already fascinating case came on June 3rd, when an anonymous donor offered Colt $50,000 to turn himself in through the lawyer Jim Johanson. Johanson is also offering to handle the peaceful surrender and initial court appearances for free. Colt has until tomorrow, June 8th to take them up on it.

A $9,000-or-so reward for his capture, a new website/blog that's dedicated to countering Colt's Facebook fandom and raising more reward money, a $50,000 signing bonus for turning himself in, a team of bounty hunters on his trail, and folks like cranky old Del Gue loadin' up their b'ar rifles…

Colt’s head must be spinning.

One thing I’m sure he’s wondering is: Who the hell can I trust? Well Colt, here’s a blast from your past: Remember Shauna Snyder from your last legal go round? She’s the PI ( who worked on your defense and did a great job. She’s recently talked to several lawyers and others in the justice system about your current status and can connect you with an attorney so you get the straight scoop about all of this and help you figure out how to proceed. Give her a call at 360.331.5049 or reach her through her website.