Thursday, July 15, 2010


I’m doing a few, select media appearances to talk about this story. Because of my unique position with regards to Colton's saga, I’ve been asked by a multitude of media outlets to appear and comment. Now that the danger to Colton and anyone who might have gotten in his way is over, I will do a few select appearances. These are mainly with the regional press here in the Pacific Northwest because they have been following the story the longest and understand it the best.

Since so many of you are outside this market, I’ll post links to anything that is replayed on the web — so you can all hear me say “uh…” and “um…” a dozen times. You'll also see that I have some challenges talking about such a complex story within the tight time constraints of broadcast media... I'm not Mr. Soundbite and rarely do I get out an answer where I don't think to myself "Um, that was only half of my answer... I told you the bad part but didn't get to the good part." I'll have to get better at that.

The first of these appearances is in three parts, an interview I did from the Bahamas yesterday with Bob Rivers. Bob is another one with very close connection to this story: It was his plane that police believe was the very first of Colton’s illicit solo flights. Bob and I also have something very exciting planned that’s going to help me research one particular part of the book. More on that later. First here’s me with Bob Rivers along with Spike and Maura on 102.7 KZOK in Seattle.

Bob Friel on Bob Rivers Part 1

Bob Friel on Bob Rivers Part 2

Bob Friel on Bob Rivers Part 3


  1. How does your family feel about things?

  2. Not sure what this question means.
    My family is happy I'm home, they're happy this ended without anyone getting hurt... they think I need to shorten my answers...

  3. and one of them is whining to go on a walk...

  4. Any chance you'll be able to score a jailhouse interview with Colton? I'm sure the national and international media is clamoring for a chance to interview this kid. Anything he says is money for a show like 48 Hours.

    Since you're doing the book and have met Pam Kohler, maybe you'll have the inside track.

  5. It's up to the prisoner to accept visitors. And yes, every media outlet in the world is hustling for an "exclusive" interview.

    Colt's got a lot of *stuff* being thrown at him right now and I never want to be part of any media frenzy about this. Plus he's said all along that he'll "never talk."

    That said, of course I hope to be in contact with him. But I don't need to get in there until he's ready. And I don't want or need to grill him about his alleged crimes or put him on the spot like others would. All along, I've been interested in what's inside him.

  6. Also... I believe the policy for Federal facilities is that until he's actually sentenced, only family members and attorneys can visit.