Thursday, December 23, 2010



I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a Merry Christmas.

I know many people are concerned about Colton’s Christmas. The latest information I have is that he’s holding up well, still in solitary by his preference, occupying himself by drawing and reading. I know many people have sent him cards and letters.

On a related note: I hope that those who are in a position to help during this season will consider donating to child and youth programs in their local communities.   

There’s been some discussion in the comments about Colt’s education and whether what he has to say will be of any interest. Regardless of Colt’s level of formal education (which teachers and his fellow students tell me basically ended at the fourth grade)  I am interested to find out what he has to say. I think many other people will be curious as well, including crime victims, psychologists and Colt’s supporters.

At this point, my book will tell you everything we know about his childhood, how people treated him, how he treated other people, what his school experience was like, what were some defining moments in his life, how he made friends and enemies, how he began to get into trouble, how that escalated, and on through the wild chases, captures and escapes of the last four years. (The book also focuses on the effect he had on communities here – the wtf-effect – but we’re just talking Colt now).

His actions and the words we hear him say to those around him already speak volumes about the person he was/is, where he’s come from and what he has experienced. If Colt breaks his silence before the manuscript is finalized, then I think we’ll also have a glimpse of his future potential, good or bad. In that case, formal education level is moot; it’s more about self-awareness.

As for an actual book update: The release is set for Spring 2011. I’ll let you know the exact date it will arrive at bookstores as soon as we hear. Hyperion, concerned that folks wouldn’t find the book easily enough, have titled it: The Barefoot Bandit: The True Story of Colton Harris-Moore, New American Outlaw. (Remember to look for my name as author as there will be other Barefoot Bandit books out there). As a sign of the times, it’s already available for pre-order on your favorite book websites (they don’t charge you until it actually ships). Your local brick-and-mortar bookstore will also be able to pre-order for you.

Happy holidays!      


  1. Thank you for the update, and do you know in which countries it will be available? I already asked you about Serbia, do you have some news about it. Btw , (no offense, it's just my opinion), title sucks.

  2. Ha! No offense taken. It's a tough market out there for books, so the publisher wants to make sure anyone who has heard of the story will be able to find the book.

    I promise that what's inside will not be as... let's say "obvious." This is not a quickie-book.

    There are already agreements for a couple of translations. As to when it will be available in which counties, I don't know yet.

  3. Since other Colton books are going to be made, Which one will have the most accurate information? Will all the other books basically say the same thing? Either way if other books are made, I'm afraid i'm not really going to trust their information as much as i trust yours. Since you're from around that area and actually know some of his victims. Can't wait to read it!

  4. They changed the title?

    Say it isn't so!

  5. Hello ! any news on CHM christmas and new year's eve ? i know considering the situation its kinda of a ridiculous question but did he got a call from his mom - thats a question with no answer i guess - and more important i would like to have feeback from readers of this blog : did you send him special letter or somethin ?

  6. Hi Bob, I'm looking forward to your book (but not enthused about the title). Regardless of how Colton's holiday's turned out, he's still in a whole lot of trouble. Do you have any news about area communities consolidating charges of reduced time? Browne states he'll bankrupt the small municipalities that are prosecuting him. Are there any signs that they are, for lack of a better word, cooperating? I really feel for the kid. He seems like a lost soul with a shitty upbringing and I guess I can relate. Though I haven't stole any planes, I once drove my mom's Electra 225 around the block at age 14 and it felt pretty darn good.

  7. I like the title, It says exactly what the book is about. Which is what titles should do. Plus it's also a biography, What else would you want the title to say?

  8. Does Colton really enjoy drawing? His airplane drawings are very good. And that card he drew for his mom on Mothers Day, Is good also. Who knew, The boy is also very good at drawing.

  9. Wow, he could be modern day Leonardo da Vinci, he could design some future flying machine...

  10. Hope all is well Bob. I check the blog daily and am missing your updates! Take care!