Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Quick Colton Harris-Moore Update

According to San Juan County prosecutor Randy Gaylord, the victims of the Anacortes plane theft (which Colton Harris-Moore pleaded guilty to once but is now being charged with a second time by Skagit County) are indeed already on the restitution list.

Says Gaylord: “The restitution order included $27,606.12 to Global Aerospace for repair of the 2008 Cirrus SR-22, N47LG (parts and labor)."

Global Aerospace is a California-based insurance company that specializes in aviation. They, presumably, held the policy on the Anacortes Cirrus and already reimbursed the plane's owners for the repairs, and thus they would be the ones eligible to seek restitution from Colton. 

For now, Harris-Moore's best chance to pay that restitution, which totals more than $1.3 million, lies with a potential movie deal where 20th Century Fox agreed to pay for Colton's life rights, with all of his proceeds going to the crime victims.   

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