Thursday, November 15, 2012


British Columbia's tragic tale of missing and murdered women along its "Highway of Tears" is getting its highest profile attention this Saturday when CBS 48 Hours airs a full hour on the story.

I've been working with the CBS team on this ever since my article on the highway, The Vanishing, appeared in Outside Magazine last summer. It's a tough topic with a lot of sadness and anger, especially since none of the cases had been solved, leading to a lot of frustration among the victims' families and their communities.

Remarkably, during the filming of the show there was a huge break in the case. It doesn't solve everything, but it's a big step and offers a lot of hope to the many families still waiting for answers.

Here's a sneak peek at the beginning of the show, which will air on CBS this Saturday, November 17, at 10 PM.


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  1. Bob,

    I read your article on the Outdoor Magazine, nice work.

    One area of discussion about the Madison Scott case that I did not get any attention was the analysis of the cell phone records. While there was a discussion of the coverage being "spotty" out at the camp site, it was apparently available.

    Everyone of those people at the party probably had cell phones including Madison. This should be a primary area of investigation to collaborate the alibis of all those in attendance of that party.

    If any one of those party goers went back to town then back to the campground this should be obvious to investigators.

    Since this crime has not been solved to date I can only speculate that all cell phone records from that night were either never analyzed or there was no real value in the data. I hope at least this was looked at.

    Thank you and keep up the great work.