Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Well Read Colton Harris-Moore

I was fortunate to get an invite to tape an episode of "Well Read" with Terry Tazioli. Taz (as I heard someone call him) is the host of this new PBS show that focuses, as you could guess, on books.

Well Read has an interesting format. Taz interviews an author for about 25 minutes, then spends the last five talking with Mary Ann Gwinn, the book editor for the Seattle Times, who offers a few "Well if you like that genre, then you'll love the following books..."

It's a good format and Terry keeps it lively with his enthusiasm for reading and good books.

You can watch the show at the link, which will take you to the Media Appearances page of my website.


  1. Hi Bob,

    While it's pretty quiet on the Colton front these days, what else are you working on? Do you have any other stories/articles about other topics that we can read to keep up with you?

    Hope all is going well.


  2. Hi Ned,

    Yes, I'm getting ready to write a post about a feature I have coming out in the July issue of Outside magazine. It's called "The Vanishing," and is a spooky story that will be the first time a US magazine looks at British Columbia's so-called Highway of Tears. Dozens of women have been murdered or gone missing from one stretch of BC, and all the cases remain unsolved.
    When I finished The Barefoot Bandit last spring and was waiting for Colt's court stuff to conclude (and waiting, and waiting), this was the first story I worked on, heading up into BC and driving that highway, interviewing victims' families, private investigators, Indian chiefs, hitchhikers, and so on. As dark as Colton's story got at points, this one was much darker, with no relief.
    Another story I just finished is a feature for Islands magazine that will also appear in the July issue. This is a behind-the-scenes look at a writer who moves to a small, quiet island to write and suddenly finds himself in the middle of a huge story... sound familiar?

  3. I read somewhere on the internet that the emails that he wrote where going to but published in their entirety by the authorities, have they done this yet and if so what is the link please. Also any word on how he is doing these days

  4. Do you have a link to what you read that says they'll be published? I haven't heard that and those documents have not been filed with the other court docs in the system. If they were being published it could only be as leaked by one of the two sides in the case, or maybe in response to a FOIA request.

    According to his friends, Colt is doing well since he was moved to Stafford Creek. He's reading a lot and has access to the educational offerings in the prison.

  5. Do you know if one of the books he is reading is the one you wrote about him.

    Have you sent him a copy and if he has read it what has he sad about it

  6. I'm not sure if he's read it yet since I'm not in direct contact with him. I do know that both of us want everyone (including the feds) to be clear that Colt did not cooperate in the making of the book.

    And yes, he's getting a copy from me.