Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Colton Harris-Moore Makes the Travel Channel

It's not "America's Great Escapes" or "Fugitives Pick Their Favorite Restaurants To Go," but the Travel Channel has a new show in its first season called "Hidden City." A couple of months ago, it's host, crime-fiction writer Marcus Sakey, and his crew came to Seattle to focus on the Emerald City's most enduring criminal mysteries.

Marcus is an experiential reporter, so he tried to play guitar with a grunge band to look into Curt Cobain's death, and then he turned to Colt's case and actually tried to take off and land a Cessna. Very cool idea, which Seattle DJ (and owner of the first plane Colt stole) Bob River and I were going to do: rigging up Bob's replacement Cessna with cameras and having me try to "steal" and fly it... that is until my publisher got wind of the idea and nixed it because I wasn't done the manuscript yet. Probably smart on their part.

Anyway, Marcus's production company apparently didn't have the same qualms. As part of the story he also sat down with me in an Orcas Island coffee house to talk about the story. It's another one of these where the interview lasted an hour, but I have absolutely no clue if I'll be on for five seconds or maybe a full three minutes, and I don't know which part they'll use... I do know that the director mentioned I used the word "balls" too many times...

So, check out Hidden City tonight on the Travel Channel at 9 EST. We still don't have television out here at the cabin, so someone send me an email and let me know how it goes.


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  1. Seems like a neat idea for an episode. Kind of reminds me of an episode of Top Gear, Colton Harris Moore addition! Haha! Thanks for the information!