Monday, January 23, 2012

Interesting Note about Colton Harris-Moore's Federal Sentencing

On Friday, Colt will appear before the Honorable Richard A. Jones of the US District Court in Seattle. Judge Jones presided over Colt’s federal plea hearing last summer, and will now pass sentence after listening to prosecutors and defense attorneys arguments over why Colt should receive the higher or lower level of the sentencing range (63 to 78 months).

Judge Jones, a 61-year-old grad of U-Dub (University of Washington) law school who was appointed to the federal bench by President Bush in 2007, is the half brother of 27-time Grammy winning record producer Quincy Jones. 


  1. Time for Colt to face the music? (maybe better not to post that...don't want to sicken other blog readers...)

  2. Hey, bad jokes, good jokes, puns: all allowed and encouraged along with thoughtful (or even casual) commentary and questions. There are sad and tragic parts to this story, but along the way there were also many lighter moments... as you'll see in the book. Always have to find the humor in things or it all gets too dark.

  3. What an interesting but funny fact haha. Can't wait for the website! but what exactly do you mean by DVD, videos, and deleted sections? Also interesting to note how the books release will be close to Colton's birthday.

  4. The site will act like the "special features" parts of a DVD. There will be no actual DVD. This will include things like a bibliography, the maps, some related writings and so on.