Monday, November 21, 2011

Colton Harris-Moore's WA State Plea Hearing Set

Word from Island County is that December 16 is now a firm date for Colt's plea hearing. Colt will appear in Coupeville and plead guilty to a number of charges relating to crimes in several Washington State counties. The judge will announce his sentence at the same hearing.


  1. Nice to hear a firm date has been set! Are you able to go to the hearing?

  2. Is the hearing open to the public, and if so, how does one go about sitting in on it? Do you need to get permission from someone?

  3. Yes, I'll be there.

    The courtroom in Coupeville is pretty small. The judge is making sure that any victims who want to attend receive first priority on seats, with any leftovers going to the public along with a limited press contingent. At this point I don't know if victims will fill all the available space and how the others will be assigned.

  4. I'm so glad that a date has finally been set. Can't believe how long this has dragged on.

    To Anonymous: why would you want to attend the hearing? I mean, I can see why - you want to see Colton, or maybe you're just curious about the proceedings. But the courtroom will be filled with attorneys, prosecutors, victims, and way too many vultures as it is. If you want to show your support to Colton, please know that the best way to do so is to send him a book, a nice card, or a letter. Let him know he's in your thoughts during the most stressful time of this whole ordeal.

  5. Dear Islanders,

    I want to ask all of you to do me a favor and try to help a boy I love. His name is Colt and he is accused of many burglaries on Camano and other islands. He is now in federal prison awaiting his sentencing. He thinks everyone on the islands hates him, but I have assured him that is not true! I am sure the sheriff's are miffed at him, but they should have stepped in years ago when they knew he was suffering. Many people that knew of his horrific life are amazed he even survived it.

    Colt is and has always been a kind, loving boy who just tried to survive severe dysfunction. Yes, he committed burglaries and he should pay his debt to society, but please join me in writing letters to the judge asking for leniency and telling him that extra years of dysfunction in prison are not going to help this young man. Colt is the ideal candidate for rehabilitation! If you don't know him, please trust me. This boy REALLY DESERVES a chance at a decent life, as he has had NONE so far. I promise you, he is NOT violent! He IS sorry for the people he has hurt. He did NOT want to sign a movie deal exposing his sad life for the entertainment of other people. He did it STRICTLY for restitution! There isn't time nor space for me to fill you in on all the sordid details on why I FIRMLY believe he is a good guy who did some bad things, and I am personally am amazed he didn't do much worse. Please believe me when I say that most of the things he did were for survival.

    I know people are busy and it is hard to fit one more chore into your lives, but please do it for him and for me because I love him and feel so bad for him. If I had known sooner what his heartbreaking life was like, I'd have been there for him YEARS ago and so would have you!

    Please just say that you are from the "affected" Island. That in your opinion he is a good candidate for rehabilitation, and ask for leniency for a traumatized young man who never stood a chance! YOU can answer my prayers and his!

    The address to send the letters is: John Henry Browne, 200 Delmar Building, 108 South Washington St.,Seattle, WA. 98104. Please, do it soon! Every letter counts. God bless you and

    Thank you,


    P.S. Please ask anyone you know who is sympathetic to Colt's situation to write also. I would love to flood the court with support letters for him! It would be the one and only GOOD thing in his life so far.


    Thank you!

  6. Buzz, that was a wonderful post and although I don't know Colton personally, I do believe in everything you said! You sound like a beautiful person and I'm glad Colton has your love. We all know he needs it!

  7. Thank you for your wonderful post, Buzz. I agree with everything you wrote. Time is running out, and Colton needs your support more than ever. Let's flood the court! Every letter is immensely important. If you're not sure what to write, here's a few ideas:

    - address your letter to "Judge Jones"
    - just let him know your thoughts : why you believe he committed these crimes, why you think he deserves a second chance
    - what would be the best way to rehabilitate him, why a long sentence is definitely NOT the solution; what you believe would be appropriate
    - and please, if any of his past victim is reading this, I hope you can find compassion in your heart, and send a letter asking for leniency. He deserves it so much.
    With gratitude,

  8. Sorry, my bad - don't address the letter to Judge Jones (federal judge), as your letter may also be used for the state sentencing. Just play it safe and use "Your Honor" :)