Tuesday, February 23, 2010


ABC News reports today in this post that somebody may have been trying to steal another airplane on Orcas Island this past Friday. Unsubstantiated at this point, but if true it could mean that Colton Harris-Moore remains on the island and didn't make a quick getaway back to the mainland after allegedly leaving a calling card for us during a break-in at the Homegrown Market.


  1. why does the sheriff allow chm is obviously a person of interest in the feb 11 events but considers the feb 19 event not even worthy of a formal announcement let alone another guess at the obvious culprit

    perhaps because he is trying to sneak up on the suspect nonchalantly

    inspector clouseau would understand

  2. Hi there, Mr Friel.

    My name is Chelle and I live in Georgia. I've never been *out* of Georgia actually and I just turned 36 which should tell you how pathetic I am. :)

    I became interested in Colton during one of my numerous stints in the hospital. There was a news article about him and what drew me in was the story of his background and his mother's nonchalance at it. From that moment on, I was hooked and basically devoured every ounce of information that I could about Colton.

    By far and away, your blog here and the article you wrote for Outside Online have provided me with the best resources to study this man. Like I mentioned, I am chronically hospitalized with pretty severe illnesses and Colton not only lives where I would love to live (Pacific Northwest) ... he also devours life with a mocking 'thumb my nose' kind of way that I've never imagined anyone could before.

    I'm not a "fan" of his because I fear that he will wind up hurting someone or getting himself killed, but I do think he's interesting, brave, and a product of his upbringing. My heart does break for the way he lived prior to going on the run.

    Anyway, there was a point to this and that was to thank you for the information. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your perspective and looking at photos of places I will never see.

    Thank you for the time you have invested.


  3. To Chelle,

    Thanks for your note. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog, and I hope you're feeling better.