Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's now 631 days since Colt bolted from the prison home. Things have been relatively quiet on Camano and Orcas Island -- other than the pitter patter of television and radio production crews.

ABC Nightline got chased off Colt's property by the man I mentioned in my Outside article (Mr. Booby Trap). He also placed a new notice at the end of the driveway to go along with the NO TRESPASSING signs. This one announces that trespassers will be shot on sight.

An interesting moment in the Nightline segment was a sound bite from a neighbor who says he's heard Colt's mom yelling for Colt to be quiet. No one I've interviewed, though, believes Colt is currently on Camano.

This week, both Inside Edition and the Canadian newsmagazine 16:9 are here filming segments on Colt. Producers are running into problems with access, though, and most people involved are tired of talking about Colt and the case.

NPR also ran a segment on Colt last weekend. It was accurate except for the lead-in, which said he's been at large "for eight months." One bit of reporting that they've added is that Colt was in his pajamas when he escaped the group home. They also got a new quote from DJ Bob Rivers where he sews some doubt about whether Colt could have taught himself to fly. It's an interesting question that I'll have more on soon.

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