Thursday, December 17, 2009


According to his mom: Yes, Colt reads the posts on his Facebook Fan Club. He even reads some of the funnier posts to her when he calls. “He sees all the marriage proposals from girls all over the world,” says Pam. So far, gals, he hasn’t accepted any of the offers. As Pam told me: “He has other things on his mind right now.”

So is all the attention good for him? The psychologists I interviewed for my feature story in the January 2010 issue of Outside Magazine (on sale the second week of Jan) say "No way." They say that with Colt’s extreme risk-taking personality, the attention and adulation could cause him to escalate his behavior to even more dangerous levels – though I can’t think of many more dangerous things than [allegedly] flying planes without first taking lessons.

I think Colt’s certainly smart enough not to take some of the crazier ideas put forward by Facebook boosters, like “Steal Air Force One,” and there’s no evidence he’s the one who took the new Boeing Dreamliner on its first test flight this week, but there’s definitely a danger if he starts to believe the hype that he’s invincible… or bulletproof.

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