Thursday, February 11, 2010


Here's the message someone left at the main door of Homegrown Market. There were a couple dozen similar footprints drawn on the floor creating an entire trail around the store.

Missing from the market: A cheesecake, some organic veggies and uncooked meat-and-cheese croissants...

Whoever broke in wanted to leave this message, but obviously didn't want to leave their image. They got to the stores security system and tried to remove the hard drive. When they couldn't get it out, they filled a basin full of water and dumped the entire computer into it along with some tools. Unfortunately, whoever it was left the water running and it caused damage inside the store. One thing that Colt has had going for him (at least as far as having some people rooting for him) is that he's rarely done malicious damage to places he's burglarized. If this is Colt, hopefully this isn't an escalation.


  1. to go so lucky he must be happy

    so the flood was more likely due to carelessness than malice

    funny how he appears to take security systems so personally tho
    since he knows everyone knows it is him

    must be a legendary image thing rather than a personal image thing

    the footprints were a real escalation

  2. I honestly don't think this was him, i think this is a copycat crime for sure.. Like you said yourself completely out of character, and didnt want to leave an image of himself there.. where he's happily left pictures and cheeky notes to people when hes broken into houses. This crime makes no sense and i dont think he did it.. i dont understand why so many people did lol x