Thursday, February 11, 2010


Like all islands, information here on Orcas travels fastest by coconut telegraph or jungle drum. I just got word (rumor) that they might have, indeed, found bare footprints in the health food store that was broken into last night... Doesn't sound too smart to me (see previous post about Barefootin') and that might mean it's a copycat. I'm sure that if there are prints, police will be able to know shortly if it is indeed Colt (or at least someone with the same footprints as were found at other crime scenes thought tied to Harris-Moore).


  1. Hi Friel, I am adding you to my "where I hop" just so I can continue to keep tabs on that Cutie! Many may slam romanticism the media and society have given this, but society needs this distraction. "I" need the distraction and root for Colt. I so hope he is able to elude them for a very long time and keep his ways low profile as possible. I am hooked by those geourgous eyes and baby face charm. Not to mention anyone with such visual appeal who can survive in the woods AND like being barefoot are prime catch to me. :)
    I look forward to going back in your prior posts to catch up with Colt...

  2. It's not going to end well for this guy. He's playing a game he cannot win. He'll be in jail, maximum security, and the notoriety will not help him in those circumstances.