Thursday, February 11, 2010


Late last night, a plane was stolen from Skagit County (mainland Western Washington) and flown here to Orcas Island, which for the past two summers has been Colton Harris-Moore’s happy hunting ground. Also last night, our health food grocery, Homegrown Market & Deli, was broken into and its security system messed with.

The plane, a Cirrus, is the same model as the second aircraft stolen in a string of what is now four plane thefts where Colt is a suspect — the other two were both Cessna 182s. Fun fact: One feature of the Cirrus is a built-in parachute that can lower the plane down in relative safety — not a bad thing to have if you don’t really know what you’re doing up there.

This latest plane landed at our Eastsound airport from the south, touched down and went off the runway into the grass. Apparently, though, there was only some minor damage to a landing wheel cowling, and the aircraft is still flyable. It’s being moved to a hangar so San Juan County detectives can go over what is now a crime scene to look for evidence. As it’s 50 degrees and drizzly today, I don’t expect them to find any bare footprints.

The information that Homegrown’s security system was tampered with also fits with Colt’s m.o.

Islanders weren’t expecting Colt to come back until spring, when the weather is much more conducive to running around the woods.

The jungle drums are beating, interesting days ahead…

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