Friday, February 17, 2012

The Coldfoot Bandit?

MSNBC/AP Mountain Man Bandit

The AP has a story about a Grizzly Adams Bandit who's scaring the hell out of residents out in Utah. Like the Barefoot Bandit, this guy Goldilocks in unattended cabins--breaking-in, eating their food, rifling through their stuff--but unlike Colt, he also drinks their booze and often does damage, spraying the cabins with bullets. Part of his MO is that he also destroys religious objects.

This guy has been at it for five years without getting caught. The photo they got that the FBI hopes will identify him, was captured by using a game camera usually set up by hunters or biologists to record big, skittish animals. The same technology was used by the police to try and track Colton Harris-Moore on Camano Island. Unlike the Coldfoot Bandit, Barefoot was able to avoid the cameras.

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