Monday, June 7, 2010


In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups, the police and the district attorneys…

On the other side of the criminal justice system are defense attorneys, and “justice” can sometimes depend on just how good a defendant’s lawyer is. And here’s a big news flash: John Henry Browne, a criminal defense attorney who many people consider the best in the entire state of Washington, says that he’s willing to represent Colton Harris-Moore.

Colt, I don’t know if you realize the significance of this, but it’s huge. Look Browne up at, and then call him on his cell at 206-595-1092. Anything you say to him or ask him about is 100% confidential.

We know you could run forever, Colt. The problem with that, though, is exactly that: You’ll be running forever, always looking over your shoulder. Now, however, you know you can end this on your terms and have your own “dream team” lawyer to give you the best defense possible.

You’ve still got choices, and this seems like an easy one.



  1. a concerned mother (not his obviously)June 8, 2010 at 1:23 PM

    Bob, this is so well said. It's true: Colt's only alternative (to turning himself in) is to live on the run for literally the rest of his life. Being 6'5" and having his face plastered all over the place would make it impossible to "hide" any where other than in the woods. Even in, say, Mexico it would only be a matter of time until someone recognized him. The ONLY way he will ever enjoy true freedom is to turn himself in and pay his debt to society. And then he's got one HELL of a story to tell (and sell).

    Please Colt, if you read this, turn yourself in so that you aren't hurt during a capture. Today's the day; $50,000 to be put in a trust until you get out. That would make a nice nest-egg to start your life over.

  2. Concerned Better Mother Then Colton'sJune 13, 2010 at 6:52 AM

    In our due process of law, it is great that this attorney has offered his services.
    BUT are you kidding me? Offering $50,000.00 to go towards Coltons legal fees. Which will go way up and over that figure. Or does the $50,000.00 go into a trust fund FOR Colton? To be given to him when he is done serving time, if convicted, for the alledged crimes that he is and will be facing. (Have to say 'alledged' because he has not been bought to trial and convicted yet. HE HASN'T EVEN BEEN CAUGHT YET)
    This entire mess is wrong on sooo many different levels. Here is a young person that has decided on his own to do what he wants and he is enjoying the fact that NO ONE has been able to catch him. When he was caught before, he thumbed his nose at everyone and figured out a way to escape. I am so tired of hearing that the crimes he is alledged to have committed are 'victimless' crimes. What is it going to take to find this person who thinks what he is doing is okay? When it comes out who the people are that have in any way shape or form aided Colton, are they going to be charged with accessory or aiding and abetting? Get real people, it is only a matter of time that someone will end up physically hurt or dead because of the antics of this kid.

  3. Colton I have been posting positive things on your facebook fanpage, but no one is quite sure if you read the comments on that so I am going to post some of my comments here since you read this blog. For your information I am only 6 years older than you and I also share your obsession for anything aviation related.

    1) Colton, I know you voiced concern to your mother that if you were to be locked up it would be for 20 years. That is complete and utter nonsense! In most of the crimes you have been accused of the evidence is circumstantial (indirect) at best and will probably be thrown out. Also, I know you are familiar with the plea bargaining process. Lastly, sentences for theft/burglary can be served concurrently (all at once). For example you could serve five years for 30 burglaries where the five years counts for each one of the 30 burglaries, but that is just an example. Just remember, no violence or drugs and in a few years you will have a realm of opportunities available to you. Don't screw up and your dream of being a pilot could become a reality with the right mentors and the easily obtainable loans for flight school (I know I have been working on my pilot's license as a hobby). Take care and as always stay safe!

    2)If it was indeed you who stole any of those four planes I have to ask you this Colton, how long is swiping frosting off the cake when no one's looking going to remain truly satisfying? Why not go for the whole cake? Why not go for the five course meal? You could easily qualify for loans to attend flight school. Loans that would pay for you to fly several times a week with top notch instructors who also share your passion for airplanes. Loans that would pay for your living expenses while you are in school. In flight school you also get to meet people from quite amazing backgrounds: former military pilots or even former pilots for government officials or celebrities (one of my flight instructors was once John Travolta's personal pilot). I hope you are weighing your options and I hope you see that you DO have a FUTURE. Your future does not have to be on the run forever and at this point in time your future does not have to be behind bars for a long period of time.

    3) I know the hard part about making a decision right now must be accepting the fact that to get what you want in the future you are going to have to put your life on hold for a few years. The reality is though that the majority of people in this world at one time or another have had to put their dreams/goals on hold for a few years due to medical, financial, or legal reasons. Having to put your life on hold for a few years DOES NOT mean your life is over Colton.

    4)I hope you are beginning to realize that most of the individuals encouraging you to commit additional or even bolder crimes DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU, because this whole thing is just entertainment for them at the expense of YOUR life, YOUR future, and YOUR dreams. Don't ever forget that.


  4. Erin, what a wonderful post. I hope if Colton reads it that he really takes it to heart and realizes that if John Henry Browne is willing to take his case, everything you pointed out is still available for him. I just hope he doesn't make it worse by committing more crimes. Coming forward now with a great attorney by his side is the absolute best thing he can do for himself.

    Bob is right. The right defense attorney makes *all* the difference. There is no harm for Colton to at least call him and discuss his options with him.