Monday, May 10, 2010

Hey Colt

Your mom's worried about you and wants you to get in touch with her any way possible to let her know you're okay.


  1. Thank you Bob!!!!!!!!!!
    Colt, you're Mom is so worried that she is getting sick. PLEASE, call or have someone let her know you're ok. She was told you may have drowned and hasn't heard from you in so long that she is really frightened that you are hurt or worse.

  2. let your mama know you are alive dummy. The "man" will never win against you IF you turn yourself in. If you don't THEY will win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Quote: "you're Mom is so worried"


    Yeah right!

    Anyway back to reality.
    COLT: A young male runner, four-years-old or younger.

    Looks like you have about 2 more years of running to go :)

    All I can say is this: Run Colt, RUN.
    Oh and I can't wait for the movie, lets hope its a spectacular ending!


  4. Kimsland,
    I've read the court documents, so I understand what you're saying. Can you contact me privately at my email?

  5. Many of you are wondering if there was a response to the post, and whether Colt got in touch with his mom.

    Colt's mom, Pam Kohler (who reports that she's sitting down there on Camano Island with a yard full of dragonflies, and says that she used to tell Colt that she could make them come when she called them) claims that even though Colt hasn't phoned her, she believes now that he's physically okay.