Saturday, January 23, 2010

Colton Harris-Moore "At Large" Clock

One of the most frequent questions I'm asked is: Is Colton Harris-Moore still at large?

Some confusion comes from the accounts of arrests made after he'd previously been on the run. At one time, Colt was wanted by the police and remained at large for seven months before being caught after a short stand-off at an unoccupied Camano Island home in which he'd been hiding. He was arrested and sentenced to a max-security juvenile prison. After a year, he was transferred to the not-so-secure group home from which he escaped. He's been at large and getting larger ever since.

All the alleged plane thefts, pirating of boats, and sprees through Island County, the San Juan Islands, Point Roberts, British Columbia, Idaho and back to Western Washington have all happened since Colt bolted the group home. For the full story, read my article in Outside Magazine, available here online and at newsstands.

When did he escape and how long has alluded capture? On the left-hand sidebar of this blog, you’ll now see a “count-up” timer set to the time Colt climbed out of the window and went on the lam. It will run for as long as he remains at large.


  1. Hey, Bob!
    I have been reading your blog since some days ago, when I found it. Well, I came to say that you have been doing a really great job! I love to read about Colton, and seems like here is the best place to do it! So, congratulations (for the blog and the article) and thank you very much! Please, keep writing, I'll keep on reading!

  2. Read your "Outside" article on Colt at 30,000 feet en route from LAX to BOS. What a treat for a weary traveller! That's the extent of my airborne adventures. Keep up the captivating writing and let's all hope Colt can stay out of sight and out of anyone's rifle sights. Thanks for the entertainment.

  3. I live on Camano Island.Although, I do not own a gun ,I have heard some of my neighbors say they are armed and would shoot Colton if he broke into their homes and they were there.He has also created a climate of fear among senior citizens to the point they are afraid to leave their homes.In regards his mother ,she should have been declared an unfit mother the first time the Washington State, Department of Social and Health Sevices,Child Welfare Social Workers had to investigate his circumstances and found them inappropriate.In my opinion mother should have gone to jail for failing to provide for his welfare.

  4. Thanks for the comment. I've heard some of the same things here in the San Juans. There's a lot of tragedy in this story, and hopefully no one loses sight that there are lots of victims, including all those who've lost their sense of security.

  5. Hello! I have been following the complete story since the start and find it very intersting... and funny at times. I would like to know from you, Bob. Are you in support of Colton continuing his quest for freedom? You obviously have a substantial interest in this story, but you also make it a point to remind people of the long list of victimized persons. If you can imagine its kind of a mixed message people may be picking up on. I would certainly like to know how you feel.